Next Vegas Trip

18th April 2010

So we went to Vegas in Feb. and about a week after returning my boss asks me if I want to go to training in Vegas in April.  I say yes and then "convince" Derek to go with me, he didn't need much convincing haha

We leave Sunday the 25th at 6am, early I know, but because of our silly travel company it was the only decent priced flight I could get on and Derek could get on.  Then on Monday I got us tickets to see the Lion King!  I'm really excited, Derek not so much.  I've been telling Derek to pick out a concert while there and he never could decide on anything.  So while browsing the Vegas sites this evening I see that Santana is going to be there on Wednesday and tickets were only $50, well $70 a piece after ticketmaster charges, but we booked tickets to his show!  Derek has also supposedly picked out some nice places for us to eat at for dinner too.

While there Derek is going to telecommute Mon-Wednesday and I have training everyday except Friday afternoon.  We will arrive home at about 11:30pm on Friday if all goes well.   Now if only I didn't actually have to go to training while there...

Today I didn't do much in the yard, I planted our basil and ripped weeds out of our patio.  Then tomorrow my parents are coming up to help us get an idea for what we are going to do with the yard as I don't really know what I'm doing.

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