Front garden

19th April 2010

So on Sunday my parents came up and we worked hard on our front garden!  It is wavy and covers the front of the house.  Derek and my dad installed the "hammer-in" edging we bought, which you can't hammer so they dug a trench for it and it looks good now but we will see in a year if it is still intact.  For $12 for 20 feet I don't know if it will last!  My mom and I bought more plants to add in with the 3 I had already planted along with groundcover she took from her garden.  The plants I have in my garden now are:

  • Snowball viburnum
  • Azalea
  • Feather reed grass
  • Knock-out rose
  • 3 groundcovers:  periwinkle is one of them
  • Asiatic lily
  • Some yellow and purple flower that I forgot its name

If I can convince Derek to take a photo of it I will post one.  The only thing left is to add more mulch.  I also bought a huge pot to set next to the garden and it might get relocated if we ever find a small tree that is cheap.  This week Derek also said he plans on starting our vegetable garden.  We have leftover edging he is going to use and it is going to go right next to our shed.  We hope to grow basil, green beans, onions, watermelon, and carrots in it.

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