Not much happening

28th Aug. 2010

So my diet has been going okay, down about 3 pounds since it started so I can't complain.  I have broken it once at work, I ate a cupcake but I made up for it by walking around the work site for about 3 hours afterwards!

The weather has been gorgeous lately so we have been doing more things outside.  Today we went on a nice bike ride and ...


6th Aug. 2010

My Promotion from work went through today!  I will see the paycheck next week :)  Part of taking the job for the "intern" program was at the end of one year and the end of the 2nd year I would advance 2 grades and see decent pay raises.  So now we will have about $500 more in disposable income to use.  So far we plan on putting an extra $125 towards ...

Date Night and City Pool

1th Aug. 2010

So last night Derek and I went on a date night!  We went out to dinner at Gigilo's Italian Bistro in Manhattan.  We got a half price giftcard from a local radio station.  I found the food good, better than Olive Garden, and the prices were good.  Dish prices were about like Olive Garden and we got a whole bottle of wine for $22, yum!  I order a specialty ...