June already

9th June 2010

So Derek and I have been pretty busy lately.  We went to DC for our first Anniversary over Memorial Day weekend.  We got there at 9:30 on Saturday ontime and hopped on the metro to our hotel.  When we arrived at 10:30 we were surprised our hotel was ready!   Overall the hotel (Beacon Hotel) was decent, not amazing though, so I'm glad we got it for a discount and not full price.  It did however have a good location, about a 10 minute walk from 2 metros and maybe 20 minutes to the White House.  The weather was hot while we were there, 95 and humid.  Several people said it felt like it should in August, but we survived with lots of water and tried to do museums in the afternoon.  I posted photos here

We went to Filomena Ristorante in Georgetown for our anniversary dinner.  It was pretty awesome!  We got a bottle of wine and had rice balls for an appetizer which were basically identical to the ones we had in Rome.  Then I got the Gnocchi Della Mamma for my main meal.  It was homemade potato dumplings in a red meat sauce, yum!  We then ended the dinner with Triple Chocolate Mousse which was up there on the best dessert ever haha   Here is a photo from outside the place


There was even the "pasta mamma" in the front window making the pasta.

We then came home from DC on Tuesday.  Our flight was delayed an hour so we didn't leave DC until 9pm and get home until around 1am which made Wednesday a bit exhausting but that's okay.  I had a really good time in DC and glad we went there!

Then I got something else from our Anniversary.....

A fridge!  It even has an ice dispenser and it much larger than our last one, I love it!  We have now replaced all the appliances in there except the stove.  I promised myself we wouldn't replace it unless it breaks...but I really want a flat top one because the one we have now it impossible to keep clean but oh well, maybe it will break haha

Last weekend we went to Canifesto at a local brewery, Tallgrass, and then went to Wine in the Wild at our local zoo for a fundraiser.  Each were enjoyable, but of course I like the Wine in the Wild better.  Derek did however have a rough morning  the next day...

That's about all that is going on here.  We are pretty busy until after Mindy's wedding in July, which I am getting excited for, about a month away!

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