Christmas/Birthday Present

21th Nov. 2010

So today my very early Christmas and Birthday present from Derek arrived!  I found a stove I liked for 40% off at Best Buy last week so we decided to order it a bit early.  I find it gorgeous and can't wait to have a flat top stove instead of the crappy coil top.   Derek's presents also arrived in the mail and are all wrapped up and ready ...

Cinnamon Rolls

14th Nov. 2010

So recently I made some goals to cook a few random foods I have never made but felt everybody should know how to make.  Well today I did my first recipe:  Cinnamon rolls!  I used this recipe:

 I didn't use a bread machine and I think they still turned out great!  They took awhile, about 3 hours total but a lot of ...

Deck Project Roundup

8th Nov. 2010

So I thought I would go ahead and wrap up my deck project that I have recently completed.


Initially we had planned on digging foundations, 9 of them in all to provide a footing for the 16 X 16 foot deck. That was a lot of work. Instead we found which uses pre-poured concrete foundations instead of digging and pouring your own. We decided to go the ...