Turkey Dinner, Yum

17th April 2011

So tonight we decided to grill because the weather was awesome and we tried a new turkey bacon wrap recipe and asparagus.  Both of them were very tasty! Here is a before photo:  

Jordy Nelson

16th April 2011

So tonight Jordy Nelson was at the local Menards signing authgraphs!  We got there 3O minutes early and there was a crazy long line. We did however see Jason's uncle Todd and he offered to hold onto our football and get it signed as he was close to the front, score. It took him about 15 minutes to get to the front and I got to watch it get ...

Weekend in Wichita

15th April 2011

So last weekend we headed down to Wichita to see my parents new house and Kali and Kyle.  We had a good time on Saturday we headed to the Museum of World Treasures with dinosaurs and War history and mummies!   On Sunday we had a huge breakfast and went to the Wichita zoo. It was a lot better than I expected and the weather was perfect.

The Beginning of Spring

13th April 2011

I think spring is officially my favorite season, now only if you could reduce the wind in Kansas it would be perfect. We purchased a new dining set and fire pit for our new deck and have been enjoying them because the weather has been pretty nice for at least a few weeks.

Yesterday I decided to try to use Derek's awesome new camera and took some photos of ...