Kegs and More

29th June 2011

Just received notice that I can expect 2 new kegs to arrive at StegelBrau this coming Thursday.  I am incredibly excited to begin kegging and the new freedom that it affords me.  My next scheduled brew day is July 9.

Derek in Vegas

29th June 2011

FOWA - Future of Web Apps This week I have traveled half way across the country for a work conference in Las Vegas. So far I've been to just one workshop that lasts all day. I'll be here two more days before I fly back home Wednesday night. Fastforward one day and this conference has been going great. I have learned so much already about APIs, data/cloud storage ...

Sporting KC Game

27th June 2011

So on Saturday we headed to Kansas City with my parents for Father's Day to go to our first KC Sporting game.  They built a new soccer only stadium that holds about 18,500 people in western Kansas City.  It was a really great stadium and they ended up beating Vancouver 2-1, so that was even better!  The Sporting are Kansas's first official professional team, as all the ...

South Dakota: Day 4/ Last Day

16th June 2011

May 29: Today we woke up to rain, on our last day, bummer. We decided to go to Wind Cave National Park. We got there at 10 and signed up for the 11 Fairgrounds tour , which was great and took about 2 hours. There wasn't really that many stairs and we liked the cave, because it was different. It was known for boxwood and popcorn.  They said they have ...