Bump Week 18

29th Nov. 2011

How far along: 18 weeks Baby size:  Sweet potato in length and approximately 7 ounces Total weight gain/loss: +11 pounds, only 1 pound over Thanksgiving, woot! Maternity clothes: waiting for more to arrive tomorrow from Old Navy Stretch marks: No Sleep: Pretty good, unless I'm having a nightmare Best moment this week:  Putting out Christmas decorations and eat lots of stuffing and turkey! Movement: still feeling slight movement ...

First Baby Clothes Purchase

29th Nov. 2011

So tonight Derek was the one to buy the first baby outfit!  He bought this silly onesie, but is really excited about it.  I can only hope our kid is that darn cute in it!   It is a github onesie, which I have no clue what github is but it is some nerdy computer thing haha

17 Week Bump

22th Nov. 2011

How far along: 17 weeks Baby size:  Avocado in length and approximately 6 ounces Total weight gain/loss: +10 pounds, the Holidays are really not going to help with this one... Maternity clothes: I bought some on clearance online at Old Navy tonight, hopefully they all fit! Stretch marks: No Sleep: Alright, still tired a lot though Best moment this week:  K-State winning vs Texas? haha Movement: felt a few ...

First, and currently only, baby purchase!

17th Nov. 2011

So when I was around 13 weeks I found this awesome stroller and car seat for 50% off on Amazon.  They are both Britax, which is a high reviewed brand, and the carseat is known as the safest one out there.  To get 50% off you had to buy both.  The Britax B-Ready stroller has great reviews, the main downfall is it is large.  I compared weight and size to ...