New skills!

29th Aug. 2012

I feel like Ada has learned so much this last week, it is crazy!  On Friday she found her feet, Saturday she started blowing raspberries, yesterday she started to "tripod" sit and today she rolled from tummy to back.  She needs to slow down on growing.

Here is a photo of her tripod sitting.

And playing with her feet while blowing raspberries.

16 weeks and Ali's Wedding

28th Aug. 2012

This week Ada discovered her feet.  She doesn't put them in her mouth yet but she grabs ontime them at every diaper change.  She also started blowing raspberries, she does it a lot now and it is pretty funny.  She also almost rolled from tummy to back, like sooo close but her arm was underneath her because that is the way I put her, so it was kind of ...


28th Aug. 2012

So I just booked a week long trip to Mexico in January!  It will be our first trip with Ada and we are pretty pumped.  We got direct flights on Frontier so it will only be about a 3 hour flight.  We will stay in Playa del Carmen at this amazingly awesome looking resort in an ocean front room.  It is an all inclusive so all the booze and food ...

14 weeks

18th Aug. 2012


Wow so I forgot to upload this post, my bad.  Ada was 14 weeks over a week ago and I just now realized I didn't post this week when I went to post the 15 week one.  Ada has started to love her jumperoo, she can make the lights/music play and even bounce.  It is pretty cute.  She can also grab toys with both her hands and bring ...