Ada Boring Videos

31th July 2012

Here are some more pretty boring Ada videos :)

This one is Ada in the bath a few weeks ago, probably around 10 weeks old.  She started to really like baths then and would splash around, she does this even more now and half empties the tub these days and splashes me in the face all the time.


The second video is from this Saturday.  Ada has found her voice and ...

12 weeks

30th July 2012

Ada is 12 weeks, which means 1 week away from 3 months!  She started, what I shall call, squacking this week.  It is a happy noise and is pretty darn loud and obnoxious, but really cute too :)  I have it on video, and I will post it sometime.  She did it for about 30 minutes on the drive up to Red Cloud.  She has also started holding her hands together ...

Ada: Zero through 11 weeks

24th July 2012

I put together all the weekly photos I have taken of Ada.  I can't believe how been she has gotten already!

11 weeks

21th July 2012

This week Ada really seemed to start smiling more and making funny noises when she is happy.  She also did a lot better with eating while I was at work and we have a pretty good routine going that looks sorta like this:  6:30am wake to eat, sleep until 9, eat at 9:30, play with a short nap, eat at 12:30, play with sometimes a longer nap ...