8 weeks

29th June 2012

Ada is 8 weeks old, which means she is almost 2 months!  I tried to weigh her earlier this week and it looks like she is right around 12 pounds.  She still fits in all her 0-3 month clothes but a few brands are getting a bit small.  I have starting putting her in 3-6 month sleepers because the 0-3 are very tight and forcing her legs into those in ...

Happy Ada

23th June 2012

Last night Derek and I went on a nice date.  We tried a new restaurant Wahoo in Aggieville that flies in seafood every two days, it was very tasty and I am going to make Derek go back with me!  They had some sweet sangria too.  Then we went to the park and drank some wine and ate dessert.  It was relaxing and Ada had a good time with Gma ...

7 weeks

22th June 2012

Ada was not exactily in a happy mood when I tried to do these.  Apparantely 11 hours of sleep at night was not enough and me trying to take photos and play with her at 9am was too early.  So I put her back to sleep after I did these, and she's still sleeping at 11am.

The coolest thing she started doing this week?!  Sleeping 8 hours straight, from ...

The Cost of a Baby

19th June 2012

So we have really good insurance through my work and it especially has good maternity, as in they pay 100% of everything.  There is nothing else we can have done medically and get it all free, but have a baby, it makes no sense but I'm not currently complaining.  Here are the costs are insurance was billed, we paid nothing, but I still can't believe how expensive an ...