A little bit of nursery project

21th March 2012

So I hung up the first itme on the nursery walls tonight!  Derek put the hooks on the bottom of the frame today so my bow/headband holder was finally complete.  I ordered most the flowers and all the headbands from an etsy shop here.  I actually ended up getting way more headbands than I ordered, so I have a ton.  They are in a bunch of different sizes so they should fit for awhile but now I need more flowers or bows to put on all the headbands. 

And I finally got enough hangers and hung up all the clothes Heather brought over the other weekend.  Do you think I have enough? Haha, the top row is 80% newborn and 0-3 months.  There is a little part on the left that is 3-6 months.  The  bottom is all the larger sizes, I need a few more of those :)


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