Weekend Work

25th March 2012

So we spent an entire weekend at home for the first time in a few weeks.  It was nice and relaxing and the weather was perfect, 80's and sunny.  I think I even got a little sunburnt today.

Yesterday we finally finished the garden by our deck that we started last summer.  Well everything is done but the dead tree, it's the 2nd one to die so whenever I replace it I will get a different kind because that kind` is obviously not liking that location.  I planted a bunch of flowers/plants yesterday and laid down some mulch and took the dog for a walk and I sure felt that the rest of the day.  This fat pregnant lady needs to realize what I can no longer do without regretting it the rest of the day.  Well her is our finished garden with the working man who laid all the rock!


And on Saturday our crib mattress arrived so I got to put the sheets on it and get the crib all set up!  My mom is sewing the sheets, I picked out two of the fabrics and her the last one.  The one I have fits perfectly and looks really good :)  We also got the monitor set up, we just have to find a spot to put it where you can view the whole crib and built a little stand for it.


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