29 weeks

24th Nov. 2012

Well 28 weeks passed and I never posted, oh well.  I found out on Thanksgiving that Ada LOVES ground turkey.  I am afraid to make my own pureed meats so I bought some jars with veggies mixed with meat.  She devoures those things and you can't feed he fast enough.  It is pretty cute.  I might try to make some on my own sometime but for now will save ...


18th Nov. 2012

So I have not taken Ada's weekly photos yet, my bad, but I want to write down all the things she started this week before I forget!  Kali comes up Wednesday to spend a few days with us for Drunks-giving, oh I mean, Thanksgiving and we are having a chicken and sacher torte feast on Thursday!

This week Ada got her first tooth!  It is on the bottom center ...

27 weeks

10th Nov. 2012

All the leaves on the tree in our front yard fell off this week so we took her out in the 70 degree weather to get some photos!  It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow so I figured we should get any leaf photos now.  She really just wanted to stare at and eat the leaves so it was hard to get any good photos.  Oh well.  Not much has ...

6 month update

7th Nov. 2012

Ada had her 6 month appoitment today and got a bunch of shots, but she handled them like a champ!  Here are her stats:

  • Height= 16.5'', 68%
  • Weight= 7 lb 10 oz, 80%
  • Head circumference= 45cm, 97%

Her head it still HUGE!  Her height is about the same percentage but her weight went down from 92%.  It would have been a lot lower but in the last few weeks ...