21 weeks

28th Sept. 2012

21 weeks! I am actually posting this on the right day.  She kind of looks like a boy in this photo but her shirt does say I love my auntie!  Her pants are boy pants, they fit her better with her fat legs and cloth diapers.  I am pretty sure I finally got a laugh out of her last night, it was short but very cute!  She has learned anything ...

20 weeks

22th Sept. 2012

Holy moly, I can't believe she is 20 weeks already!  She is really starting to develop a personality and have favorite things to do and favorite toys.  Her hair is also growing back in so I hope soon she'll have a cute head of hair :)  Not much else has happened the few days since I posted last weeks update.  Today is gameday though so she is sporting her ...

19 weeks

19th Sept. 2012

So this week is really late, I will blaim in on the horrible stomach flu Derek and I both got this weekend.  He seems all better, other than a cold, but I'm still feeling kind of sickly.  Well we officially have a sitter.  She sat up in my lap tonight for probably 5 minutes watching the Sporting KC soccer game.  She will also sit and play with toys in ...

18 weeks

9th Sept. 2012

Ada is 18 weeks and well into her 4th month.  She has been doing really good this week and seems to be okay at her new daycare.  She is mastering the tummy to back roll and is trying so hard to get from back to front.  She has been very smiley this week and easily entertained so I can tell she is feeling much better than last weekend.  She loves ...