Somebody didn't like the snow...

17th April 2013

So is has pretty much been snowing since Sunday.  We were up to 12'' yesterday morning, so I'm sure we are at 16'' or so by now.  Well Ada has never gone out in the snow so I put her in her snowsuit for next year and took her out.  She was not a fan, at all.  Hopefully she enjoys it more next year, and also hopefully it stops ...

House progress

16th April 2013

We have been slowly making updates to the house!  The unpacking is mostly done, now we are just organizing, getting rid of a million boxes and personalizing.  Here are a few things we've done.

Painted the kitchen and added handles to the doors.

Painted the whiskey room, purchased a new couch and pillows, purchased a new coffee table huge up a piece of artwork.  The curtains are on the ...


4th April 2013

We had a pretty relaxed Easter.  Ada has been napping from 9:30-11:30 for the last few weeks, so no church for us.  Kali came up for brunch and then we sat around and waited for Ikea to come and deliver all our furniture.  Yes, Ikea delivers on Easter!  So in the afternoon we drank, ate candy and put together Ikea furniture.  I did make sure to dress Ada ...

11 months

1th April 2013

One month until Ada's birthday.  I ordered her birthday invites to her Fiesta!  I also bought a few decorations from Hobby Lobby.

This month Ada spent most the time at home with me.  We are into the swing of things now and I have really been ejoying it.  I think she likes being home with me, and when Derek comes by to say hello during the day she gets ...