9 month photos

17th Feb. 2013

I finally took photos.  She is impossible to take pictures of now, because she wants to move everywhere.  She also has a pretty bad cold so they aren't the greatest.  I'm so behind on blogging, I haven't done the house photos yet or the rest of Mexico, maybe someday I will catch up!  I also don't know how this happened but these are the first photos ...

The house!

11th Feb. 2013

We spent the last weekend in Colorado house hunting.  We looked at probably 12 homes on Saturday, in Loveland and Ft Collins.  At the end of the day, there was only one house we saw that we wanted.  It is brand new, and while not 100% perfect, it should be great for us.

The main pros were:

  • Unfinished basement
  • 3 car tandum garage
  • Large kitchen, dining and living room area ...

9 months

4th Feb. 2013

I meant to take Ada's photos this weekend, but instead we went to Colorado and bought a house, so I didn't get them done.  I will do photos later and post them separate.

Ada is already 9 months, it is crazy how fast the past months have gone.  We go to the doctor Wednesday to get her weighed and checked out, so I will add that stuff when ...