Video dump

31th Jan. 2013

I find videos of Ada so entertaining, even if nobody else does :)  So here are a few I uploaded to youtube from my phone.

Ada with her push cart

Ada being goofy at the coffee table


And Ada at the coffee table again...haha I swear it is different...maybe :)


Mexico Day 3 Tulum

31th Jan. 2013

Because I am being a photo obsessive poster, I will split day 3 into two posts.  Here are the photos from the time in Tulum, but I will do the write up on the day in the next post.

At the entrance sign to the ruins.

The path you walk along to get to get to the entrance gate

And overview expanse of the ruin site, it was actually pretty ...

Mexico Day 3 Part 2

31th Jan. 2013

Today we rented a private van shuttle with Cancun Valet.  It was $275 for 10 hours where he would take us anywhere we wanted to go in the Riviera Maya.  Our first stop was Tulum.  They are Mayan ruins on the coast, in Tulum, MX.  It was swamped, with what we found out were cruise ship tours.  The ruins were really neat, and gorgeous sitting up on the cliffs overlooking ...

Mexico: Day 2

27th Jan. 2013

January 17th:

This morning we ate at the breakfast buffet for the first time.  They have a really good selection including pastries, make your own omelets and lots of fruit varieties.  Today was a do-nothing day, and we got a cabana on the beach.  With our ocean front room, a cabana is included in the rate.  There are also plenty of lounge chairs with shade tiki things to use also ...