31th March 2013

Happy Easter!

Well we made it to Colorado!  So far everything is going great.  We actually have most our boxes unpackes.  There are still like 2 in the office and a few in the garage that we haven't gotten to, but unpacking is going okay!  We made a big trip to Lowe's and installed (well Derek installed!) some blinds and a ceiling fan in our bedroom.  He also ...

10 months

4th March 2013

So I am in denial this month, that Ada is 10 months, that it is March and that we are moving in less than 2 weeks.  It seems like just yesterday moving was months out and Ada was still a stationary infant.  The blog has been neglected, I think I have good reasons though.  I am working full-time, packing up a house, caring for the crawling machine Ada and taking ...