Estes Park Anniversary Trip

30th May 2013

This past weekend we celebrated our 4th Anniversary!  Well the actual day is today, but we celebrated early :)  We left Ada overnight for the first time with my parents and sister.  She did great, I missed her but it was pretty nice to get away for a night and eat some meals in quiet and sleep in!  The weather was perfect both days and we had some really good food ...


29th May 2013

I finally bought Ada some hair ties so I can put her hair up.  I love putting it in a single pony on top of her head!  When it gets longer I think pig tails will be adorable :)  Here is some of the cuteness.  She refused to smile, she was far too busy running around and reading her books.


Ada's 1st Birthday Party

7th May 2013

We had a fiesta themed party for Ada on her birthday!  I had a salsa bar, taco bar, margaritas, Mexican beer, Mexican sodas, Mexican Icebox cookies and margarita cupcakes.  I think it turned out pretty good and was actaully easy to put together.  I didn't get any good photos of Ada during the party, she was too active running around and messing with her new toys but she was ...

Ada is 1

3th May 2013

Ada's 1 year stats:

  • 22 pounds, 2 oz (68%)
  • 29 3/4 inches, 72%
  • 18 4/5 head circumference, 97%

A year ago today Ada was born and it is safe to say Derek and I's life changed a lot that day.  This past year has been the hardest and best year I can remember.  Watching Ada grow from an infant comptely dependent on us, to a baby ...