Ada's New Room

1th Oct. 2013

Ada's new room is pretty much complete.  I still have a few things to do like anchor the furniture to the walls, install another lamp and hang up a magnetic white board.  I figure it is close enough for pictures!  We reused most the stuff from her old room.  What we added was a small table and chair set from Ikea, new curtains, two storage units from Ikea, a new lamp and a new hanging shelf.  I also added a quilt above her crib.  She kicks the wall now, a lot, so I couldn't put anythign above her crib that if it fell it could hurt her.  So my mom brought me an old quilt from when I was younger and I hung that up.  I am also hoping the room will transfer nice when we put her in a real bed.  Someday, hopefully pretty far away, we will remove the crib and recliner and put a twin bed in that place.

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