26 months

30th June 2014

So sorry in advance for the excessive pictures.

I have decided to do posts every 2 months for Ada's 2nd year.  Ada is still changing a lot but not as fast.  I mainly do them because it is the only time I pull out the good camera instead of my iPhone.  Ada has a silly cheese face now, she sticks out her bottom teeth, but I guess at least ...

Book Reviews

17th June 2014

I joined a book club last fall in an attempt to get back to reading, and to have some time without Ada. Well it worked and I have been reading a lot more. Here are some books and what I thought of them. 

Fault in Our Stars:  2 stars.  I wasn't a huge fan. It was pretty predictable, and I didn't think it was written all that great ...

Ada's 2 year questions

12th June 2014

I decided to do a question list this year and will hopefully update it every 6 months or so depending on how the answers change!  She isn't actually answering any of these yet, but I am taking my best guess on her favorites!  I got most these off a list online somewhere.

1. Favorite foods:  Mac and cheese and grapes

2. Favorite toy:  Water; bath, water table, washing hands ...