Ada's Birthday

13th May 2014

We had a small family party for Ada on her birthday.  I planned a lunch party because of her afternoon nap and had sandwiches, snacks, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.  

Waking up!

She was pretty excited about the Minnie balloons we got her!

Playing with a Minnie present from Jan and Stan.

Decorations, the theme was ice cream.

Hanging out before her party


She loved it when we sang ...

2 years

7th May 2014

Well Ada Rae is 2 years old already!  Her emotions keep getting bigger, in both directions.  When she is happy, she is really happy but when she is not, she is splattered on the floor crying.  She does best behavior wise on days we are in our routine, and we are able to get outside to play.  The worst days are when we are traveling or she doesn't get ...


6th May 2014

Well Derek and I sent part of last week in Cabo San Lucas, MX for an early 5th anniversary trip.  We went end of April because direct, cheap flights to Cabo from Denver ended in May.  It was hard to turn down a 3 hour direct flight for a stop in Dallas or Phoenix that added like 5 hours to the trip.  We flew down last Saturday and returned Wednesday ...