Pumpkin Patch

19th Oct. 2014

We went to at pumpkin patch in Fort Collins yesterday.  Ada didn't behave that great, but I did get some photos! She had a really good time but didn't want to listen and not run away.

We got a pictures on the same bench as last year.  I think that means we have to go each year to get a picture.

Last Year

This year

She loved the ...

Bob the cat

13th Oct. 2014

We ended up adopting a cat last weekend!  I found Bob on the humane society website about a month ago and thought he was the cutest!  He was still there when we had the time to go to the shelter and visit him. Well Bob was perfect, and great with Ada so we brought him home. He is 2 and came with the name Bob so we kept it.  His ...

CA Trip: Part 3 San Francisco

7th Oct. 2014

Our last stop on our trip was San Francisco.  We decided to take the car to the apartment we were staying at, becasue we had so much stuff I didn't think we could do public transportation.  We has some issues parking it but didn't really encounter any bad traffic, but we never drove downtown.

We stopped at Apple on the way to San Francisco at Derek's request ...

CA Trip: Part 2 Monterey

6th Oct. 2014

Our first day on Monterey we decided to drive Highway 1 south down the coast.  It was a gorgeous drive, without Ada we would have gone even further.  It took a bit over an hour to make it to our furthest away stop, McWay Falls, and with her we couldn't go much further.

On the drive down we stopped a few times to take some photos.

Then we did ...