Henry 1 month

26th Aug. 2015

Henry probably slept so much this past month because he was busy growing!  He grew 1.5'' and over 3 lbs.  His stats are now:

22.5'' and 11 lbs, 8 oz

He has been averaging an inch longer and a pound heavier than Ada since birth.  He is in 3 month clothing and is fitting in most his cloth diapers okay.  He is starting to fill out his 3 ...

Ada First Day of Preschool

25th Aug. 2015

Ada started preschool today.  We are trying out a different preschool than last year, and I think she is really going to like it!  There are 20 kids in her class, so it is busy, and I have no clue how they control 20 3-year-olds.  She was so excited this morning she kept trying to leave way too early and was not into photos.  On the way home she told ...

Henry 4 weeks

24th Aug. 2015

Henry is 4 weeks already!  He has decided to become an early roller I guess.  I thought the first time was a fluke, but he has been doing it dailly this entire week.  He rolls tummy to back, which makes tummy time a bit harder to accomplish.  Ada didn't roll forever so I am surprised and wonder if he will forget later when he is larger and its harder ...

Henry 3 weeks

17th Aug. 2015

3 weeks already!  He is still a pretty sleepy baby.  When he is awake though he is making some type of noise, generally grunting and groaning even if he isn't upset.  He doesn't cry very much yet, which is nice, generally only if he is really hungry which he woke up in the middle of these pictures and was hungry which is why the blanket photo he looks ...