Henry 20 weeks

14th Dec. 2015

Henry is 20 weeks!  He has just started to outgrow some of his 9 months clothes, especially rompers and PJs.  He has been happy this week!  He laughs occasionally now and went 2 whole days without destroying an outfit with spit up, so hopefully that is decreasing.  Still loves to stand and sit.  He is not a fan of the car seat these days, lots of crying and screaming if ...

Henry 19 weeks

9th Dec. 2015

Henry had a really rough Mon-Friday this week, I think maybe his shots bothered him?  Either way, he was cranky but he seems to have been much much better since Saturday.  He has finally started to like the Ergo carrier so that is making shopping and errands easier.  

The best thing about Henry being bigger than Ada was is all of her old holiday clothes fit him even though he ...