Henry's Nursery

19th July 2015

We are pretty much done with the nursery now!  Almost all the furniture is leftover from Ada.  The only furniture we changed out was the side table next to the recliner.  I also kept the main green wall color and just added the mountain mural to one wall.  I will probably add a bit more artwork as time goes on but for now I am done.

Ada's old crib ...

Baby 2.0: 36 weeks

8th July 2015

 Ada decided to make a funny guest appearance in my photo this month.  I do not know how I could have up to 5 more weeks of growth, I might burst.  I'm pretty sure I currently look at big as I did on the day I delivered with Ada.

How far along: 36 weeks and a few days

Baby size: Honeydew, approximately 19" and 6 pounds. 

Maternity clothes: basically ...