Baby 2.0: 32 weeks (or maybe really 33/34)

16th June 2015


How far along: 33 weeks and a few days

Baby size: Butternut squash, approximately 18" and 5 pounds.  I had an ultrasound at 30 weeks and he was measuring 4 lb, 3 oz or 2-3 weeks ahead at the time.  So he would be about 5-6 pounds now if that ultrasound was right.

Maternity clothes: basically everything

Sleep: Fine

Best moment of the month:  Having another ultrasound to confirm everything ...

Ada is 3!

2th June 2015

I never got around to taking photos with my nice camera so i just picked some recent random ones.

We finally had her 3 year appoitment at the end of May. She is 37.5" tall and 31 pounds. She is wearing mostly 3T with some 4T stuff. 2T shorts fit her best. She wears between 8 and 9 shoes depending on the brand. 

She talks all.the.time. She ...

Mexico: Part 2

2th June 2015

Day 6:Ada was sick today, which was a bummer because we had a tour scheduled to go to Chichen Itza and a cenote.  We ended up going anyways, and she did okay, but she slept almost the entire time we were gone and did not enjoy the ruins.  Chichen Itza was really neat, but it was also really really hot and Ada felt bad so we didn't stay ...