Mexico: Part 1

27th May 2015

Here is an overview of our trip to Mexico!  We ended up getting direct flights from Denver to Cancun on Southwest, which was perfect.  They were about 3.5 hours long, but Ada did really great on them so they went pretty quickly.  

We stayed at Crown Paradise Club Cancun.  The main reason we picked that hotel is it was geared towards families with young children.  They also had a ...

Baby 2.0: 28 weeks

13th May 2015

I'm too lazy to take a new bump photo so here are two scenic ones from our trip to Mexico.


How far along: 28 weeks and a few days

Baby size: Banana, approximately 14" and 2 pounds.  I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks so I will have better estimates then!

Maternity clothes: basically everything, I stiill wear a few normal shirts. 

Sleep: not bad this month, even slept ...

Ada's 3rd Birthday Lunch

4th May 2015

We had a small birthday lunch for Ada Sunday.  She had a blast, I mean what toddler doesn't love cake, presents, and a party all about them?  I will do her 3rd update after we get back from Mexico, her doctor's appoitment isn't until the end of May.  I also have 2 videos of her answering her favorite thing questions that I will attempt to put her ...