Henry 4 months and 18 weeks

30th Nov. 2015

Henry has his 4 month appoitment today he is:

  • 17 lb, 12 oz (88%)
  • 27.25'' (+99%)
  • Head circumference 43 cm (86%)

He is bigger than Ada was at 6 months by a bit, a pound heavier and almost an inch longer.  His head is a lot smaller though lol.  He is wearing mostly 6-12 month and 9 month clothes and occasionally wears 12 month.

He started sleeping in his ...

Henry 17 weeks and Thanksgiving

27th Nov. 2015

I figured I would include these two together, along with Christmas decorating photos I took.  He was 17 weeks Monday and is 4 monts today but will update on that after his appoitment Monday so I know how big he is.

He is loving to try to sit, found his feet, and slept in his crib last night!  I hope the crib thing stays, he only woke up once so ...

Henry 16 weeks

16th Nov. 2015

Henry has gotten much better at using his hands this week.  He is grabing toys and bringing them to his mouth and holding them to look at.  He also loves his jumperoo and sitting.  He started sitting this week, not for minutes or anything, but for a bit and he loves it.  He wants to try all the time, he has 2 weeks to get better at it for family ...

Ada 3.5 years

11th Nov. 2015

Ada is 3.5!  The last 2 months or so have been a bit difficult with her, major tantrums and testing her limits.  Everybody said 3 was worse that 2, and well they are right lol.  She will have a few good days and then a few bad weeks, we have had a few good days recently so I'm hopeful!  She is funny, crazy, and loving at the same ...