Henry 3 months and 13 weeks

27th Oct. 2015

Henry is three months!  He is about 25.5'' and 16 lbs, which is still ~95% for both.  He is wearing 6, 9 and 6-12 month clothes depending on the fit.  If it's stretchy or Carter's footed PJs, size 6 month is good but if not he's in a larger size. I'm glad I bought all his Christmas stuff is a size bigger than I thought ...

First 12 weeks.

20th Oct. 2015

I did this for Ada and thought it was really neat so here is Henry's.  First 12 weeks all put together.  You can see Ada's here

Henry 12 weeks

19th Oct. 2015

I don't know what got into him this week but he has slept thru the night the last 5 nights!  He is making up for it by eating every 1.5-2 hours during the day though.  I think it is a growth spurt causing the awesome night sleep because he grew almost an inch this week!  He is getting much more alert and is wanting to watch all the ...

Henry 11 weeks

12th Oct. 2015

Henry is still sleeping pretty good but getting him to nap is getting harder.  He prefers napping in the car seat and will stay asleep in there much longer than anywhere else.  He loves to smile and is just really happy overall!  His head control is getting a lot better so I have been using the bumbo a bit, because he likes to be held in the sitting position.  He ...