Henry 2 months and 9 weeks

27th Sept. 2015

Here are Henry's stats:

  • 14 lb, 11 oz, 92%
  • 24.5'', 96%
  • 40 cm head circumference, 74%
He did really good at the doctor, he only cried for a bit after getting his shots.  He has been sleeping a lot this afternoon and was really upset earlier so I think his legs are bothering him from the shots.  His stats explain why he is solidly in 3-6 month clothing ...

Henry 8 weeks

21th Sept. 2015

I feel like I just write a post and then I'm writing one all over again.  The weeks have been going very fast, and Henry is almost 2 months old.  He is wearing all 3-6 month clothes and jeans or any structured tops/pants are a no go, his belly is too big.  He still doesn't do much lol, he likes to smile at faces and toys and ...

Henry 7 weeks

14th Sept. 2015

I'm late writing this, imagine that.  Week 6 wasn't his best, he was fussy a lot and had several nights in a row of bad sleep.  Thankfully, week 7 has brought better night sleep and less fussing during the day so far.  He has been smiling more and loves to watch Ada.  We have his 2 month doctor's appoitment in less than 2 weeks, and I'm ...

Henry 6 weeks

7th Sept. 2015

Henry started socially smiling this week!  He has to be in the right mood but he will smile real big when he is.  It has also been 2 weeks since I went diary free.  He was having some issues including bloody poop and spending hours a day with what appeard to be a bad stomach ache.  It seems to really be helping, he has less stomach issues and no blood ...