Henry 9 months!

27th April 2016

I can't believe my little boy is getting so close to a year.  I noticed his face seems to be slimming out a bit which is starting to make him look older.  He is still not crawling forward but moves around a lot by rolling, scooting, going backwards, and in circles.  He has, I think, started waving and giving kisses.  He doesn't pull to stand yet but is ...

Henry 36 weeks

4th April 2016

Now that Henry is almost 38 weeks I figured I should probably do his 36 week post.  He has discovered a desire to crawl and move, yet hasn't figured out how to do it.  So there has been lots of crying and fussing as he tries to crawl.  Hopefully he figures it out soon so he can be happy again.  He has been sickenss free since the last ear ...