Henry 13 months

27th Aug. 2016

Henry has turned into a crazy child!  He is running, climbing, hiding, walking backwards, and being ornery on purpose.  The best part of this month, he is sleeping all night!  He just decided to do it one night and he hasn't woken up at night now in 2-3 weeks.  It could be because he is crazy all day long.  He is not a child who sits and looks at ...

First Day of Pre-K!

22th Aug. 2016

Ada started her first day of Pre-K last week!  That means only one more year until kindergarten starts.  She is at the same school as last year and even has the same teachers.  I hope that will all allow her to open up a bit for them, she was pretty shy last year but she already seems less shy than before after just her first week.  She was so exctied ...