Henry 16 months

14th Dec. 2016

He is now closer to 17 months, but I did take photos today finally. He has a bad cold though so they didn't turn out great so I'm adding a few others.  He is up to 12 teeth now, but not much else changed this month. He still loves to chat all the time even though we can't understand much of what he says. He did add ...

Disney World: Part 2

14th Dec. 2016

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

I don't have a ton of pictures from this park.  I really enjoyed it, the safari was fun and the park was really pretty.  I also thought it had the best shows in all the parks.

We have a character breakfast. Henry was unimpressed when characters got too close.

Ada met a bug that I think it from Bug's Life

Got some henna

Saw ...

Disney World: Part 1

4th Dec. 2016

I'm behind on posts, Ada turned 4.5 back on November 4th and I forgot to take pictures or write a post, but I did finally download a lot of the Disney photos so I figured I would do one.

I will do a short trip recap.

The Good:

  • Great weather, it didn't ever rain and wasn't hot 
  • Not bad crowds
  • Ada loved meeting all the characters ...