Henry: 7 months

27th Feb. 2016

Okay so I think my computer is finally fixed!  I took these photos when he turned 7 months, wrote a nice long post and went to post it and my computer froze and lost the whole thing.  I can't remeber everything I wrote anymore, but I will try.

Henry is around 29'' and 22 lbs.  He is rolling both directions.  He still hates being on his stomach but he ...

Henry 30 weeks

23th Feb. 2016

Henry has changed a bit the last 2 weeks!  Now that he is feeling better he's doing more stuff.  He will scoot on his butt to get things, which sometimes involves face planting onto the ground.  He also started rolling back to belly and is occasionally attempting crawling but is unsuccessful.  He started babbling consonants and enjoys being loud! We have started to try crib naps, and well the ...

28 weeks

22th Feb. 2016

So he is actually 30 weeks today, but I have been having some computer issues so I'm just now getting around to posting 28 weeks.

Henry has been pretty sick the last 2 weeks.  He came down with the flu which lead to a double ear infection.  Sleep hasn't been great and he has been in a decent amount of pain with a high fever. Thankfully as I ...