6 months and 26 weeks

27th Jan. 2016

Henry is halfway to 1!  We don't go to the doctor for over a week so I did home measurements.  I got 21 lbs (~95%) and 28.75'' (still over 99%).  I will update with actual stats after we go.  He is wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothes for the most part.  

He loves to sit and stand while holding onto something.  He has started to grab things ...

Henry 24 Weeks

11th Jan. 2016

Not much has changed with Henry since the last update.  I have been trying to get him from 4 down to 3 naps a day and it works most the time.  Most kids are at 2-3 naps at his age so I figured I could try to push for 3.  It has increased his night sleep but not his number of wake ups, boo.  I guess we did start solids ...

5 months and 22 weeks

3th Jan. 2016

I missed 21 weeks, and am almost a week late with this one, but I was thinking about going to every 2 weeks anyways so now I have a good excuse.

With my home measurements Henry is about 19.5 lbs and 28''.  He now sits really good and doesn't fall over much anymore, but still does sometimes.  He can get into the standing positon by himself if you ...