Henry 8 months and Easter

27th March 2016

I got lots of photos today because it was Easter, and Henry turning 8 months.  Henry has 2 teeth now.  He is about 30'' and 23 lbs.  He wears size 12-18 months clothes.  I tried to put a pair of size 3.5 shoes on him today, and they were too small so I guess he wears a size 4 shoe.  Still no crawling, but he loves to stand and ...

Henry 34 weeks

21th March 2016

Henry has another ear infection so this past week has been fun.  Lots of not sleeping and crying :(  He is on medicine now and hopefully it makes him feel better soon.  His eyes are still a bit runny looking, he has gotten that both times he has an ear infection.

He also got his second tooth just today!  He was pretty grumpy for this photo shot and he's wearing ...

Henry 32 weeks

8th March 2016

Henry is becomming a sleep hater again.  He is back in his rock n' play for naps because it was taking 30-45 minutes to get him to sleep for a 30 minute nap, and I was over it.  I probably need to throw the rock n' play away so it is not staring at me when he's refusing to nap.  I hope it is something developmental with his rolling ...