Ada at 5.5

13th Dec. 2017

Ada is 5 and a half.  She is loving kindergarten and doing really well.  She knows all her letters (upper and lower), how to write them, and the sounds they make.  She also knows about 50 sight words.  She is reading simple books and writing simple sentences.  She got to move up from the beginner books to the second level at school a few weeks ago.  I really like the reading program they use at her school as it works on building confidence by teaching them sight words and using picture clues for the other words.   She can sometimes lack confidence so it has been really good for her.  She can count to 100 and do simple addition math.

She hasn't really grown since her birthday. She's mabye 44'' on a good day lol and around 43 lbs.  Still wearing size 6 clothes and size 11 or 12 shoes.  She has finally started wearing shirts sometimes instead of all dresses!  She still loves glitter, bright colors, and twirly skirts/dresses though.  She pretty much dresses herself these days and sometimes there is a lot of colors and glitter lol

She loved t-ball this summer and almost learned to swim!  She could swim maybe 10' and was doing really well.  I'm sure we will see a drop this winter as we aren't swimming much.  She says she wants to play t-ball again next year and I will put her in swim lessons a few times to get her swimming for real.  

She also learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!  We tried a few months ago, but she had no balance and it was bad lol.  I googled and everyone said to get her a balance bike to learn balance and then try again.  Well it worked!  We tried again after she had the balance bike for about 2 months and she got it immediately.

She loves art and coloring.  That is probably her favorite thing to do.  She also love riding her bike and playing outside.  She loves My Little Pony, dolls, horses, and Legos.  She has made lots of nice friends at school and has play dates pretty much weekly with a girl in her class down the street.

 1. Favorite food:  Mac and cheese

2. Favorite toy: dinosaur

3. Favorite song:  Jingle Bells

4. Favorite movie:  Moana

5. Favorite TV show:  Sofia

6. Favorite color:  all the colors of the rainbow

7. Favorite clothing item:  twirly dresses

8. Favorite sport:  dance

9. Favorite animal:  pony

10. Favorite book: Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

11. Favorite drink: chocolate milk

12. Favorite restaurant: Costco lol

13. Favorite thing to do with daddy:  movie night

14. Favorite thing to do with mommy:  give hugs and kisses

15. Who are your best friends:  Thersea, Kyra, and Blake

16. What do you think of Henry:  he is so kind

17. Favorite thing to do with Henry:  play

18. What is your favorite subject? Art

20. What is your favorite place to travel to: Kansas

21:  What are you looking forward to doing this winter: play in the snow
22. What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist or an astronaut

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