Disney World: Part 3

13th Feb. 2017

Just realized I forgot to do the last few days.

Day 5.

Henry was doing a lot better so we headed to Magic Kingdom.  The crowds were really low that day because there was a cast celebration that night and the park closed at 4:30.

We did Adventureland and splash mountain in the morning.  Henry also go to play in a little play area under Splash Mountian.  I made ...

Ada 4.5

12th Feb. 2017

Now that she's closer to 5 than 4.5 I figured I should actually get this post done lol.  I wrote some of this stuff down at 4.5 and some I'm trying to remember back.  She is 41.5'' tall and 40 lbs.  She wears size 5T, 5 or 6 and a size 11 shoe.  She still loves dresses and skirts: anything twirly, bright, and glittery lol ...