Henry is 2

27th July 2017

My baby is 2!  He is such a sweet, funny kid who loves giving hugs and sitting on my lap but is full of energy and hates to stop moving.

He's always been a bit ahead with physical milestones, he can jump all over, walk stairs without help, hit a ball (can even throw the ball in the air and then hit it), and catch balls.  His speech is ...

Summer trips

25th July 2017

We didn't plan a big summer family trip this summer because of Henry and him being a bit crazy lol (hopefully next year!), we did do a bit of traveling.

Derek and I went to Puerto Vallarta, MX in May, it was my requested birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which was super nice.  It was much smaller than most all-inclusives we had been ...