Ada's birthday and party

15th May 2017

Ada had a full birthday week.  The day before her birthday she celebrated at preschool, and I got to stay and volunteer for the day.  

On her birthday, she got to go out to breakfast with Derek, go out to lunch and make a Troll with my mom, and got cake in the evening!   Her main presents from us was new dress up clothes, she got Moana, Elena, and Sofia ...

Ada 5

4th May 2017

Yes, my little girl is 5.  She is going to start kindergarten before I know it, and I'm pretty sure even has her first loose tooth.  

She is 43'' and 42 lbs by my measurements.  She is just outgrowing 5T and is wearing size 6 or girls size S this summer.  Still in size 11 shoes.  She still wants to wear dresses, skirts, glitter, sparkles, twirly, and bright colored ...