Henry 2.25

27th Oct. 2017

My class this semester has been taking up all my free time so I haven't done any updates!  Henry is 2.25 today, not a super important age but oh well lol.  I tried photos and it went awful so I'll just use a few photos from our family photos earlier this month.

Poor Henry had strep and croup at the same time this past month.  He was very sad for a few days.  He's in 2T or 3T, and is about 37'' and 31 lbs.  He hasn't grown much since his birthday.

He still loves all things trucks and balls. He is working on dribbling a basketball and drop kicking balls.  He started speech therapy maybe 2 months ago. It is for pronounciation and having too few words.  We have been tasked with not giving into his requests until he attempts to say the word, or the beginning sound, of what he wants.  He is super good at non-verbal communication, so I generaly know what he wants, but I need to encourage him to try to use his words more.  He has a couple 2-word phrases that he is finally using, See you (when he says bye to people), big ball, big truck, my truck, and no dad/Ada/mom (when we do something he doesn't like).

He is having his first childcare setting.  I've started taking him to the gym daycare twice a week, and he really loves it.  I coudln't find a preschool around here for him this year, Ada started at 2 and really loved it, so he will start next year. 

He's still a super sweet little boy.  He loves giving hugs and kisses and sitting on your lap. He loves Ada and still seems a little lonely when she's at school.  He has turned his sleepy sack into his lovey and loves carrying that around the house.

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