Henry is 3!

15th Aug. 2018

Henry had a small Tayo the little bus themed dinner for his birthday.  He was most excited about his cake and balloons, I probably could have not gotten him any presents and he would have been perfectly happy!

He is 40'' and 37 lbs, wears size 4T, and size 10 shoes.  He loves trucks, balls, books about trains with flaps, being outside, and his sister. He does have a favorite princess, Tangled is about the only princess he accepts as cool lol. He is advanced with gross motor but is still behind with fine motor stuff like coloring/drawing.  He still only scribbles when coloring.  I am hoping preschool will help with some of that.  He starts 4 mornings a week at Ada's school in September! Ada is excited to have him at her school, but he seems a little skeptical about going to school.  He loves soccer, and I am going to try to find a soccer class for him this fall.

His typical day is wake up at 6:30, nap from 12:30/1-2:30, bed at 7:30.  He still naps every day, which is awesome because Ada had long dropped naps by 3.  He still requires his sleep sack to nap and sleep at night, and you know he has it basically all day lol. He is still either super happy or screaming/hitting/kicking someone.  

The biggest news is he is basically potty trained! We still have issues with pooping but he hasn't had a pee accident since a few days into starting.

He still loves food.  His favorite types of food are basically all meat, berries, and yogurt. He's particular about carb heavy foods, likes basically no bread but does like potatoes and chocolate desserts.  The only vegetable I can get him to eat is zucchini.  He loves foods with lots of flavor, Indian and spicy Mexican are some of his favorites.

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