Henry 2.5

27th Jan. 2018

Well my battery died on my camera after 5 photos so this is all I got!  So he turned his sleep sack into a lovey (that is the blue thing in the photo).  He will not sleep without it, as we found out when he got sick and I had to wash it.  So I bought another one on ebay lol, and I'm cutting them into a blanket shape.

We celebrated Henry's half birthday with a cake!  A monster cake that he picked out from Target. It did not taste good, but he loved it lol.

Henry has changed a lot the last 3 months.  Speech therapy has been so helpful for him, and he is finally putting 2 words together frequently and occasionally 3.  I still can't always understand him, well there is a lot I can't understand, but he's doing so much better.  He gets evaulated in February for preschool at the elementary school.  I hope he can get in there so I only have to do one drop off in the morning next year!  If he doesn't get approved for speech delay entrance I'm going to put him in the lottery and hope he gets in that way instead.  If he doesn't get in either of those ways, I don't have a back up plan for preschool, there aren't many options here and the few available already have waitlists!

He is 38.5'' and 33 lbs.  He is wearing mainly 3T and size 9 or 10 shoes.  Everyone thinks he is already 3, due to his size, which isn't really great when he still very much acts like a 2 year old lol.  He is about 3'' taller than his sister was at this age.  He is getting his last 2 year molar and then we are done with teeth until he's 6!

He loves Blaze, Paw Patrol, Toy Story, and any train show.  He still spends most his day playing with balls, trains, and trucks/cars.  He has started to pretend play more so he loves tea parties and play kitchen.  He can count to 3.  He knows the colors blue, purple, white, and red.  He is not potty trained, and I can't decide if I should even try yet.  He will say pee potty, sit on it and then nothing lol.  So who knows, he's probably not ready, but I'm so done with diapers!  I think I will try after our spring break trip.

He is starting to get more physical, which isn't always good.  More tackeling, pushing, and hugging his sister when she doesn't want it.

He is still my good eater.  He will eat most anything except vegetables.  There are days where he refuses certain things, but he loves to try new foods and eats a lot of "adult" meals.  He also enjoys spicy foods like Indian and Mexican, so he's actually fun to take out to eat.  He is still a really really messy eater, I'm hoping that gets better soon.

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