Ada is 6

4th May 2018

Yes, 6!  She has grown so much this year.  Kindergarten really aged her, if you can say that lol.  Her personality has changed a lot over the year.  She is more confident in herself and less shy around people she doesn't know.  She has made a lot of good frinds this year in school.  She started out the year pretty shy at school, but she has been opening up a lot as the year has gone on.


She has 2 loose teeth and maybe someday they will fall out.  She is 46.5'' and 47 lbs.  She wears a lot of random sizes, anywhere from size 5 to 7 depending on the brand and style.  She wears a size 12.5 shoe.  She finally will wear pants, include jeggings.  

She still likes dance, but has said she doesn't want to do it next year again.  She will be doing swimming and t-ball this summer.  She was swimming pretty good at the end of last summer, like 10' by herself, so I hope she will be swimming by the end of this summer.  She loves riding her bike and is pretty good at it now with no training wheels.

She loves art and crafts.  She's always drawing, cutting, painting, and taping things.  She loves ponies, Legos, dress up and dolls still.  Her newest like is Star Wars, specifically Rey and Princess Leia.  She loves to dress up.  She loves cats and wants to be a veternarian someday so she can save alllll the animals.

She has learned so much this year.  She can count to 120, knows about 120 sight words, and can sound out most 3 letter words.  She's really starting to love reading in the last few months.

Ada's questionnaire

1. Favorite foods:  PB&J, canteloupe, and mac and cheese

2. Favorite toys: light saber and the Calico Critters house

3. Favorite song:  Moana

4. Favorite movie:  Moana

5. Favorite TV show:  Tarzan?

6. Favorite color:  teal

7. Favorite clothing item:  Rey costume

8. Favorite sport:  t-ball

9. Favorite animal:  cats

10. Favorite book: Tangled book

11. Favorite drink:  chocolate milk

12. Favorite restaurant: anywhere with mac and cheese

13. Favorite thing to do with daddy:  make the Home Depot projects

14. Favorite thing to do with mommy:  read

15. Who are your best friends:  Theresa

16. What do you think of Henry:  he is kind (LOL)

17. Favorite thing to do with Henry:  play with balloons

18. What did you learn in kindergarten?  math

19. What is your favorite subject? art

20. What is your favorite place to travel to: Mexico

21:  What are you looking forward to doing this summer: swimming

22: What do you want to be when you grow up? veternarian

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