First Day of 2's Preschool

3th Sept. 2014

Ada had her first day of preschool today!  She will go every Monday and Wednesday morning for 2.5 hours.  I think she had a good time today, she was not sad at all when I dropped her off.  I also peered it at circle time at the end, and she was sitting about 2 inches from the teacher's feet watching her sing and do the hand gestures to ...

22 months

4th March 2014

Ada is becoming a little chatterbox. We talks all the time now and keeps adding new words. She is up to about 30 words and has started combining two words together.  She learns the strangest words, I have been trying to teach her dog and cat forever but she refuses to say them but then I taught her moon the other night in 10 minutes.  She has finally started animal ...

21 months

4th Feb. 2014

She wanted nothing to do with me taking photos.  I tried bribing her with Goldfish and that failed too.  All she wanted to do was see the photos my camera was taking instead of smiling for them!

New words Ada has added:  Tietie for Kali (her version of Auntie), baabaa for sheep, bye bye, poop, mine, baby, up, meow, and whee.  There are probably a few more, but she has ...

19 months

9th Dec. 2013

Well this post is really delayed, at least I have an excuse this time!  Ada came down with the stomach flu, so she has been a sad little girl for a few days.  She is still not herself yet, but I took photos because I put her in her Christmas dress to go to Chick-fil-A to see the Santa cow haha.  The only bonus to her being sick is we ...