Pregnancy Gear

9th April 2012

So here are some of my favorite things during this pregnancy.

  • Old Navy Maternity Clothes.  I ordered these all online as we don't have an Old Navy.  I found their shirts to run normal size and everyone I ordered fit pretty good.  They have also help up well and all still fit, where as other brands are getting too small.  I also ordered a winter jacket from there that ...

Cloth Diapers

29th Feb. 2012

We we, as in me really but Derek is cool with it, decided to use cloth diapers.  I have spent the last 2 months or so finding and buying cloth diapers onsale online.  I ended up buying almost all pocket diapers because they have the best reviews online.  Everyone also fits babies about 8-35 pounds so Ada should be able to wear them from 1-2 months to potty training.

I ...

A list of larger far

23th Feb. 2012

So I figured before I forget, which I will, I would make a list of the larger gear and some speciality items we have currently purchased for Ada so when I do reviews of them for my personal benefit, I will remember what I am reviewing!  I will also include the cost, if I know it, because that is pretty important because she's not even here yet and she ...