Weekend Work

25th March 2012

So we spent an entire weekend at home for the first time in a few weeks.  It was nice and relaxing and the weather was perfect, 80's and sunny.  I think I even got a little sunburnt today.

Yesterday we finally finished the garden by our deck that we started last summer.  Well everything is done but the dead tree, it's the 2nd one to die so whenever ...

Deck Renovation!

23th Oct. 2010

So today we started building our new deck.  We decided to do pre-made concrete blocks instead of pouring foundations.  We need 32 of these instead of 9 but we think it will save money as we don't need as many joist boards, don't have to mix our own concrete, and don't have to buy a bunch of metal connections for all the boards.

While I have been ...

Deck Demolition

11th Oct. 2010

So the demolition of our uneven concrete patio has begun!  We decided to remove our current patio and put in a wood patio in its place.  It should be very interesting haha  The current patio was placed in like 8 separate slabs and we got 2 of them removed today in about 30 minutes.  We will do a few more tomorrow on my day off!  We aren't sure what ...

Not much happening

28th Aug. 2010

So my diet has been going okay, down about 3 pounds since it started so I can't complain.  I have broken it once at work, I ate a cupcake but I made up for it by walking around the work site for about 3 hours afterwards!

The weather has been gorgeous lately so we have been doing more things outside.  Today we went on a nice bike ride and ...