Great Food Truck Race

14th May 2011

So this weekend the Foot Network show Great Food Truck Race was in Manhattan, KS.  They bring food trucks to cities (have been in LA, Vegas, and Denver before here) and the lowest selling truck goes home.  There was five that came to Manhattan!  We went to eat one today, and lets just say it was kind of a disaster.  When we got there the line was as long as ...

Jordy Nelson

16th April 2011

So tonight Jordy Nelson was at the local Menards signing authgraphs!  We got there 3O minutes early and there was a crazy long line. We did however see Jason's uncle Todd and he offered to hold onto our football and get it signed as he was close to the front, score. It took him about 15 minutes to get to the front and I got to watch it get ...

Date Night and City Pool

1th Aug. 2010

So last night Derek and I went on a date night!  We went out to dinner at Gigilo's Italian Bistro in Manhattan.  We got a half price giftcard from a local radio station.  I found the food good, better than Olive Garden, and the prices were good.  Dish prices were about like Olive Garden and we got a whole bottle of wine for $22, yum!  I order a specialty ...